Paleo Burn – What’s the deal with the “caveman diet”?

The Paleo  Burn System (also sometimes known as the caveman diet) is actually a whole system of ideas that shouldn’t be revolutionary, but actually are for many people.  It was developed based on the fact that the human body has not actually evolved in thousands of years; since the times our ancestors were living in caves.  Our modern-day diet is completely different from the kind of diet that was consumed before the agriculture industry advanced when our ancestors were living in caves.  Today’s food supply is also riddled with unnecessary ingredients, hormones, preservatives and other chemicals.  That, when combined with a lack of appropriate exercise, can unbalance the body’s natural processes, leading to excessive weight gain and a number of diseases.The system consists mainly of foods that were available in the “Paleo” or caveman days and had to be hunted, caught or gathered along with healthy exercise that the human body was designed for.

The Paleo Burn System actually consists of four parts:

  • A proven diet regimen that supports healthy weight loss and aids in body detoxification
  • A healthy exercise program designed to maximize the body’s potential
  • A Support Kit with supplements for a variety of health issues
  • Advice from a “normal guy” who figured it out

The Paleo Diet

The diet recommended by the Paleo Burn System is composed mainly of natural foods.  Basic foods such as legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts and healthy proteins can be consumed.  It is limited in preserved meats, processed sugar, refined foods such as white bread, white rice and canned foods which have been heated; destroying much of the nutrition.  Limiting “fast” carbohydrates is essential in preventing blood glucose and insulin swings in diabetics.

In today’s “modern” diet, you almost can’t turn around without getting loaded up on sodium, another health problem promoting cardiac and potential kidney issues.  The diet plan is also low in sodium which can help those with high blood pressure.

Most people who adhere to the Paleo diet quickly become great fans and advocates as they may lose that common lethargic feeling, see a spike in energy levels, and feel generally cleaner and healthier as the diet helps to detoxify the body and get rid of all those artificial chemicals that have been stored for years.

Recommended Exercise

The Paleo Burn System has also occasionally been called “Primal Burn”.  This is in reference, again to the days of primal living when consistent exercise was a daily fact of life.  Our ancestors did not “go for the burn” in terms of endless rounds of aerobics, kickboxing fads or spinning classes – which are all designed to rapidly increase your heart and respiratory rate and make you sweat profusely.  No, instead our ancestors hiked up and down hills, walked everywhere they went and used their muscles in a more directed manner to hunt, gather and make things to provide comfort.

This exercise program allows you to “do” fewer exercises, but exercises that are targeted to help you lose weight and boost your metabolism rate over the long haul.  It avoids some of the common problems of many weight loss exercise programs in that it avoids boosting cortisol, a stress hormone which can lead to weight gain.  Cortisol spikes can also be avoided by following a “Paleo” sleep program – in other words, go to sleep when it is time, as sleep is necessary for renewal of the body’s cells and organs.  One of the facets of incorporating the program into your lifestyle is a long term renewal of vitality and health.

Paleo Supplements

The support kit comes with supplements that can fill in the “gaps” that we have all developed in our nutritional and physical status.  Some options include: Fat Burner, Blood Pressure Solution, Relaxen, BCAA Prime and more.  Supplements have been formulated with specific health problems in mind.  Again – if we had all been eating and exercising like cavemen all of our lives, none of this would be needed – but sadly the modern day diet and lack of activity has caused a number of health concerns including an increasing population of diabetics, those with heart disease, and mental deterioration.


Actually Ken Burge, the inventor of this system is not an exercise guru.  He did not play professional sports.  He is not a famous dancing movie star.  Ken is simply a guy who figured out what we all should have known.  Physiologically, we are still cavemen but our society isn’t the same.  To make the best of our life and help our body navigate in modern life, we may need a little help (and advice). Thousands of people have been helped and are still happy with the principles of the Paleo Burn program.


19 Oct 2013

Paleo Burn – What’s in it For You.

As they say, “You are what you eat.”

Paleo Burn is committed towards delivering products that are proven both in terms of effectiveness and the value for money they offer. Health is indeed wealth, and we like to acknowledge that as a very high priority.

How it Works

Paleo Burn system aims to educate and bring people up to speed on how to safely lose unwanted weight, while boosting health and continuing to enjoy the health benefits in the long run. Today 60,000 satisfied customers continue to employ proven exercise and diet regimens offered by Paleo Burn, along with supplements that not only boost general well-being and compliment a balanced diet, but also give you a leg up when it comes to exercise performance.

Here are just some of their customer testimonials:


“I lost 8 lbs surprisingly fast and started feeling more clear-headed and less bloated. Most importantly, after I read  your book I found it easy to eliminate all the processed food from my diet.” – Alfonso Guiterez





“I’m down 18 lbs already. I have more energy, a healthier attitude and am feeling pretty confident about myself. All thanks to Paleo Burn, I’ve been getting a lot of compliments lately!” – Toni  Oregon




“ I’ve managed to lose a dress size and
I now have more energy than ever! ” – Bobi



 ” I lost 15 lbs in only 2 weeks and am still going strong! ”         – Mark Lantz


fb-deborah_e“ Ken’s advice armed me with the tools I needed to lose 15 lbs and I’m actually down from 45% to 26% body fat! ” – Deborah


You’re about to discover the real culprit that prevents you from losing fat. Specific foods will be revealed that annihilate fat effectively, for the long haul. The exercise videos are a no-brainer and very easy to follow. You’ll also learn how hormones play a pivotal role in weight management. The best part is that none of this depends on starvation diets or a magic pill that claims to work instant wonders and can often prove to be dangerous.
Medical research has shown the benefits of the Paleo Diet. Study participants felt that eating this way was not only fun but far healthier compared to conventional everyday methods. The same study documents the muscle to fat ratio and how body composition changes over time. The plain truth is your food choices have a significant impact on your general health, especially in the long run. The right choice means avoiding foods that spike insulin levels – often a precursor that leads to obesity. As a result, diabetes and poor eyesight are just some of the unpleasant after effects.

Is This for Everybody?

The Paleo Diet specifically targets problem areas that are a direct result of obesity.

“I’ve lost 57 lbs so far and I couldn’t be happier. I feel great, and have more energy than I ever had. I just wanted to thank you Ken. Paleo Burn works and I’m living proof. I wish everyone would try this, it flat out works!”

This is what Ken’s father had to say about Paleo Burn.
This system works for anyone and everyone. If you are indeed serious about losing that unwanted flab, the Paleo Burn fat burner system is the ultimate plan to get you started. If you act now, you get Gold Level access – inside you’ll find motivational videos as well as training and instructional videos on Paleo Burn. You’ll find an interactive food planner that helps you eliminate all the guesswork from planning your meals and caters to your fitness goals. All of these are absolutely free. Ordinarily, these training videos are usually worth well over $500. If you act now, all of this crucial information can be yours for free.
It’s time to take charge of your health, and take a break from the countless and often costly diet and training regimens available today. The Paleo Diet gets you shredded fast; you’ll never feel bloated or too full. It’s up to you now to choose a universal program that simply works. Paleo Burn system is backed up by a 60-day money back guarantee. In any case, you win!

Dr. Todd says: “I strongly recommend Paleo Burn – it works for everybody, from beginners to pro athletes.”
Dr. Steve is a cancer surgeon. He says, “People come to me looking for solutions to treat certain diseases, but I say prevention is the best cure. The right approach, the right diet, the right exercise program is everything Paleo Burn lives by. I fully support this program. Pay attention to what Ken is teaching in the Paleo Burn program, you’ll only thank yourself later. The proof of the eating is in the pudding!”

Medical research has documented that- this way of eating creates an ideal hormonal response. The US National Library of Medicine revealed that Paleo Burn not only shrinks body girth rapidly, but is also a means of preventing life-threatening diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. Scientists and archaeologists agree that prehistoric men were completely free from such diseases. In the last 100 years, grain-based diets have given a rise to modern day diseases. Cereals and grains are partially the culprit. Excessive grain consumption combined with inadequate knowledge on diet and exercise as well as unhealthy lifestyle choices, leads to a potential recipe for disaster. History has proven that eating a modern diet often leads to disease. The Paleo Diet speaks for itself; if you continue to eat foods that spike your insulin level, you’re well on the path to potential disaster! Learn and grasp basic everyday tips that are so easy to incorporate in your lifestyle, yet go a really long way in preventing ailments and diseases, as well as giving you a sense of well-being. Go to the Paleo Health Club section to learn more.

Unbeatable Benefits – All in One

Paleo Burn products are available at unbeatable prices. A good supplement stack always compliments a well-balanced diet. The Paleo Burn Support Kit for example contains pure Omega-3 fatty acids, BCAA (branched chain amino acids) and a vitamin D3 supplement. All these three can be purchased for only $87. Some fat-burning and muscle-protecting benefits alone are hard to ignore:

  1. • Reduced muscle soreness and fatigue
  2. • Increased endurance and power
  3. • Increased brain functionality and performance
  4. • Reduced inflammation and increased fat loss
  5. • Improve blood pressure readings
  6. • Improved insulin resistance

Find out more on or simply call by dialing 1.877.300.7849 and selecting Option 1. An opportunity of a lifetime awaits!                                                                               paleo-burn-product-image


29 Sep 2013

Paleo Burn – Get to Know an Effective Weight Loss Program


Paleo Burn is an eBook written and designed to offer a new system for effective weight loss. This program promises that it can help you trim off layers of unwanted flab, which will result to a fitter and leaner you.

Innovative Weight Loss Program

One of the facts that make  Primal Burn different from any other weight loss program is that it is not dependent on extreme diet plans, new fitness routines or equipment. Instead, it works more effectively by teaching about the importance of eating fresh and natural fat burning foods that have been found to be responsible for improved metabolism. Even though they are fat and calorie burners, these foods are also proven supply the sufficient amount of fuel needed by the body for its daily functions.

Paleo Burn is simply a program composed of re-wrapped system on reasonable fitness techniques and health courses that was known to men, but sadly have been forgotten. This program is composed of two main portions; the diet and the exercise parts.

  • Effective Detoxifying Diet and Exercise Training

Paleo Burn Fat Burner gives you the right information regarding the right food to eat and will not tell you to starve yourself to death. Other diet programs will leave you thinner but they will also make you weak and exhausted just halfway through the day.The good news is that the diet system in this program will help you stay productive and healthy while you trim off some weight.

If you have been depriving yourself of nutritious and healthy foods in your fear of gaining  more weight, then you need to know that you can actually eat what you like as long as you do it wisely and follow it up with a little exercise.

This weight loss system is incorporated with a half-hour video that serves as an effective guideline to proper eating, which means consumption of the right amount of the right kind of foods. The video also provides an analysis of the reason why there are some kinds of food that are not helpful for losing weight while there are other food that efficiently promote fat loss.

  • Exercise Training

Once your body is free from damaging and potentially poisonous toxins, then you are ready to be trained to be fit. The exercise program incorporated within this system is composed of different segments that give solutions to different body fitness needs.

The video also provides information regarding the fact that extreme exercise training programs are not really the solution to getting rid of those unwanted pounds. The program is all about giving you the option to decide if you want to include exercise training or not. If you decide that you do want to include exercise, then you will learn as well that stressing the body too much is not necessary for weight loss and health.

Benefits of Paleo Burn Fat Burning System

If you are considering  new diet plan like Primal Burn, it is only natural that you would want to compare it with other weight loss programs. It is also natural that you would want to know about the benefits that this program can provide.

  • Promotes Healthy Eating

This is the main benefit that you can get from Primal Burn System. This program lets you eat when you need to. It also lets you know that snacking is good, as long as you are eating healthy and filling snacks.

  • Eliminates the Need for Starvation

This program is all about eating healthy, which means that you do not have to deprive yourself of the food that you want to eat. All you need to do is learn the right foods to eat and how much you should eat.

  • Increases Metabolism Speed

When you start eating healthy, you also begin your journey to having a body that is toxin-free. Once your body is cleansed, your metabolism is going to start gaining speed. Revving metabolism means faster calorie burning, which results in sustained energy all through the day.

The bottom line is here is that Paleo Burn is a diet and exercise program that is based on detoxification plan designed to cleanse the body of toxins and poisons in order to promote healthier lifestyle. The main idea here is to re-boot the metabolism into a powerful fat-burning machine.


11 Aug 2013