Dental Hygiene: Is it Really Necessary?


Is there anything nicer than being greeted with a warm friendly smile? A smile can make even the saddest person’s face light up. When we smile we feel more confident, our mood changes, and people around us benefit too. A nice set of white teeth can also enhance our beauty, and open doors to lots of wonderful and exciting opportunities.

Oral hygiene is necessary for effective long term dental health and we achieve this by regular brushing and flossing. Try to brush least twice a day and once again before bed, these are the simplest ways to maintain great oral hygiene. Dentists will recommend professional cleaning by a hygienist, this should be done every six months. Some find this process little unpleasant rather than painful, but it is strongly recommend nevertheless.

Avoid Chewy Toffee or Jelly Candy
Avoid Chewy Toffee or Jelly Candy

Our pearly whites have a very important role to play, they help us chew our food, they add definition and structure to our face and give us a nicer smile. A word of warning though, be careful when chewing toffee, many an old dear has lost a tooth (or two) in the process of munching that particular candy.

How to look after your teeth.

Good dental hygiene involves brushing your teeth at least twice a day, use toothpaste and mouthwash to help reduce the build up of plaque on your teeth. While brushing is an important element of good dental hygiene, flossing removes food particles trapped between the teeth and below the gum line. By doing these steps, you can prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar.

Dental floss is designed to reach the small gaps in between the teeth, it should be kept between the teeth for 5-10 seconds, depending on the hardness of the teeth. I often use the little brushes as I find them much easier to use, each size has a different color. I now have quite a selection of colors blue, pink, and yellow in my bathroom cupboard. Make sure there is no leftover food stuck in your teeth as this can cause the accumulation of bacteria resulting in dreaded cavities. Your hygienist can do a much better job at removing deposits than you can, so do remember to visit your hygienist every six months if you want to keep your teeth and gums in good condition.

Bad Breath Hacks
Bad Breath Hacks

So what causes bad breath?

Onions and garlic I’m afraid are big culprits due to their strong flavor so avoid these two if you plan to go on a date. Smoking and drinking alcohol don’t help either. A great way to solve bad breath is to get a glass of warm water and mix it with some salt, rinse and spit a few times, this has been known to help.

Why is it important to have good dental hygiene?

Cavities are caused by the bacteria from food sticking around and turning into plaque. The plaque then coats your teeth which forms a layer on the teeth called tartar, leave it too long and its calculus. Tartar can be easily removed but calculus can not be removed without the help of a dentist. Tartar forms on the teeth when bacteria from the saliva on the gums come in contact with the food particles making their way into the follicles or papillae on the teeth, the roots of the teeth. Your gums hold about a third of your tooth so it’s important that you have healthy gums the color should be pink.

Avoid Gum Disease
Avoid Gum Disease

Avoid Gum Disease.

Your gums hold about a third of your teeth, so it can’t really emphasized enough the importance of keeping your gums clean. An inflamed gum that bleeds is called gingivitis and unfortunately, when you get to this stage it’s the start of permanent damage to the bone and fibrous elements surrounding your teeth.

Who wants white teeth?

As we get older our teeth tend to be more stained, coffee, tea, and red wine should be avoided if you want to have white teeth. Thankfully there are a lot of products on the market to whiten teeth, which reminds me I must ask my kids what they buy, as they both have dazzling smiles. If you want a natural remedy then use bread soda, funnily enough I’ve seen some of that in the bathroom lately, so I guess my kids could be using it.

By cleaning our teeth twice daily, in the upper, lower, and back and flossing after eating, avoiding as many sugary drinks and snacks as possible, combined with frequent visits to your dentist, you can reduce the chance of dental decay and gum disease. Your teeth have to last you a heck of a long time, so it’s very wise to treat them well.

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