How to Create a Paleo Meal Plan!


How to Create a Paleo Meal Plan!

A paleo diet includes eating foods like nuts, grass-fed meats, fish, eggs, poultry, and nuts. The right diet also provides lots of foods like almonds, flax seeds, dark green leafy vegetables, walnuts, natural peanut butter, and pumpkin seeds. Many paleo diet experts recommend consuming enough fiber/fibre to aid digestion, thus helping to reduce belly fat. It is also recommended that you consume fish oils, omega 3 fatty acids, and flaxseed oil for your overall health and well-being.

If you are trying to reduce belly fat you should increase your exercise routine to 5 days a week, about an hour a day. The paleo diet includes exercises such as walking, jogging, cycling, aerobics, tennis, swimming, yoga, dancing, and martial arts. The exercises are combined with eating paleo food, which are healthy and filling. Another benefit of the going paleo is clearer and brighter skin. A diet consisting of vegetables, fresh raw fruits, meat, nuts, seeds, and oily fish all contribute to your overall look.

Paleo Let's Get Creative With Salad

To reduce weight it is recommended that you eat lots of healthy nutritious foods as well. There is never any need to be hungry, you can eat what you like as long as it is paleo friendly. Paleo dieters must also include plenty of dark green vegetables, pastured eggs, free-range poultry, and dairy products to get the best results. The paleo diet also includes paleo bread, brown rice, and brown pasta. This diet is very filling, so you should never go hungry. Most paleo dieters do not eat pizza, pancakes, cookies, or other unhealthy foods. Remember, you are what you eat and the mirror doesn’t lie.

The Paleo Meal Plan

The Paleolithic diet is very high in protein and low in carbohydrates, fats, and sugars, which makes it perfect for preventing obesity. Studies have shown that Paleolithic dieters have a lower body mass index (BMI), and an overall lower body fat percentage, than people who follow more traditional diets. When they consume a typical western diet, their body fat percentage goes up, and their cardiovascular risk increases. The well thought out paleo diet is very low in saturated fats, trans fats, and cholesterol, which is beneficial for preventing heart disease. Going paleo means your taking high amounts of omega 3 long chain essential fatty acids, and low amounts of alpha-linolenic acid, which can help prevent inflammatory diseases.

What Is The Paleo Food Pyramid?

The Paleo diet is not a special diet that only people who are overweight need to follow; far from it. It’s a general dietary plan, which is easily manageable, moderate and easily affordable. The paleo diet is a very healthy, which is suitable for most people and easy to incorporate into daily meals. The essential nutrients you need to eat a healthy diet are protein, fiber/fibre, calcium, and vitamins. The nutrition facts are posted on the back of most foods you see or can be found on the interwebs. So, you do not have to read a 10,000-word thesis to find out what nutrients you need to consume a healthy diet.

Raw Organic Salmon Poke Bowl.

One concern many have about a Paleolithic diet is the possibility of feeling exhausted, this can occur occasionally but this is only short-term. It is not that the diet is too difficult to maintain. You may have to work hard, in the beginning, to burn off those excess pounds and prepare your body to burn fat effectively, this can require an element of self-discipline. It may also be tiring to have to stick to a meal plan and the timing of meals but it is well worth the effort. Most paleo dieters follow the meal plan easily enough and, they’re able to maintain their correct weight and body fat percentage. The benefits far outweigh any sacrifices you make, as not only will you look better, you will become more energized and invigorated too.

Paleo No Fast Food!

Another thing that may be a challenge for a some people is the possibility of not knowing what to cook. In the beginning you may find it hard to put together a meal plan that includes all paleo ingredients, but practice makes perfect and in no time you will be looking forward to some tasty dishes. It’s all about experimenting with the rights foods, meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, avocados, herbs, lots of vegetables, and fruits. We regularly publish new and interesting ingredients on here, but if you’re stuck try this for starters:

The Paleo Meal Plan

Breakfast: Avocado and egg on wholemeal toast with an almond milk coffee.
Lunch: Fish or poultry with a selection of salads (use olive oil, lemon & herb dressing)
Dinner: Stir-fries are a terrific way of getting a variety of vegetables and then finish your meal with a nice selection of fruits.

Just remember this, processed food is the enemy, it’s often expensive, full of the wrong type food groups, high in calories like sugar, salt, trans fats, and you only have to read the label of see lots of preservatives that are certainly not doing you any good at all. Use fresh organic ingredients if you can afford to as it really does make a big difference.

Mark Vokes | Editor & Specialist Content Writer (Diabetes & Inflammation)
Mark Vokes | Editor & Specialist Content Writer (Diabetes & Inflammation)
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